5 Things To Avoid When Arguing

Creating Fulfilling Connections


Hi there, I am Carolin Kraft.

Online Community Specialist, Compassion Educator, soon to be Mom, working for international brands like Nike, Lufthansa and Opel. Since 2011 I help and train brands and their teams on how to bond with their social media communities and how to navigate through tough times like criticism, shitstorms and crises.


I am passionate about creating human connections on- and offline by using quick to learn bonding tools. I am here to share my learnings with you because it warms my heart to help people transform their relationships. My methods will give you many a-ha moments and your environment will notice the change, sooner than later. You got this! Are you ready to make a difference for yourself?

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Relationship Truth


If you feel anxious, lonely or disappointed in your relationships, you belong here. Isn't it time to change something?

The way we communicate can lead to pain, loneliness, despair, judgements and justifications. Sometimes even to breaking off relationships with partners, friends and colleagues. We are quick to find ways to blame and punish each other when all we want is loving and caring relationships. My trainings lead to sustainable solutions and relationships based on appreciation and trust. Become a bonding expert.

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